About film

A family animated adventure film about the joys and sorrows of sock thieves - Odd eaters and their coexistence with us humans. According to the bestseller by writer Pavel Šrut and artist Galina Miklínová.

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Tulamor and Ramses

"Dad Padre sometimes confuses us with his brother Tulamor. He only knows his brother by the scarf. Until we make a stupid forum: “
Hihlík's cousin, Tulamor's twin and Padre's father's son. He was born an hour later and is always the other for Dad. It bothers Ramses, trying to draw attention to himself, to show that he is also useful. He and his brother are a pretty cheerful couple. But when he gets tight, the forks go aside and Ramík goes to the rescue

Profesor Kadeřábek

"No one knows what they look like or where they have their hiding places. But I believe that the day will come when I will definitely show you Lichožrouty. ”
Professor René Kadeřábek is Lichoň. A lichen is a person who, unlike others, sees and hears lichens, because he is so alone in the world that he digs into it. The professor has only one goal. Grab the devours and show them to humanity. Hihlík, Tulamor, Ramses and others will enjoy it with him.

Ostří hoši


Kudla Dederon

"This city will one day belong to me. And I'll take what I want! ”
Padre's son Sharp Boy used to be until he broke the basic rule of the Odd eaters - You'll never take a couple. Not wanting to share socks with humans, he began robbing a group of Coyotes on his own. He only likes himself. When it suits him, he easily "throws overboard" and his loved ones.


"I'm a razor and I'm not dumb at all"
The only girl among the Coyotes is as sharp as a razor. She's wild and proud, but her heart is in the right place. Kudlovi.


"Coyotes rise! It's getting dark over the river! Go for the magnifying glass! Well, that's a clear lever! Fusekle here! Yeah, it's working. Let's go!" Their home is a rusty wreck and nothing is sacred to them. All they want are fusekle. Even and odd. They take all the pairs and have no mercy on anyone. They get drunk with socks - dirty laid socks. Yuck! And they are terribly dangerous. But don't worry, they don't dare. Even though the chill runs down their backs from their singing ...