My sunny Maad

We produced a feature animated movie by Michaela Pavlátová, My Sunny Maad. We are co-producers of this movie. The movie is in the Annecy 2021 festival competition. ...

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Dreams About Stray Cats

Documentary film Dreams About Stray Cats maps life story of world- famous artist Peter Sis. Peter is a crucial figure of the contemporary art and cultural scene. He is an author of children's books, illustrator, graphic artist and winning author of animated films. He has been awarded tens of the mos ...

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Fifi Fatale

It's better not to fall in love… Her beauty is breathtaking, her dance captivating and her movements unforgettable. In the sunken bar, everything revolves around her night after night. An unhappily in love bartender, an enthusiastic guest. Until an uninvited young man appears at the bar, reveal ...

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We are developing

The Cremation Of Sam McGee

Krátký animovaný film Jakuba Písteckého, který je ve fázi dokončeného vývoje a hledá finance pro realizaci. ...

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